John Sursham Associates


John Sursham Associates is a versatile safety consultancy who can offer a wide range of services covering all areas of entertainment and wider corporate safety. Established nearly twenty years ago John Sursham Associates have worked with a wide range of companies and on many major events.

With experience in all aspects of event safety management from the planning stage to the on site delivery of a project, (whether that be in a warm exhibition hall or in the driving rain, in a field, in winter) we can offer organisers practical assistance to help them with their statutory duties.

Additionally John Sursham Associates have worked with a number of leading companies and housing associations assisting them with their day to day safety management, guiding them through the development of their safety policies, risk assessments and their management of fire risks.

Health and safety has in recent years had bad press and is blamed for many of the woes of the modern workplace. “‘Elf’ and safety” is often used as an excuse for not doing something, sometimes because the regulations are not properly understood, sometimes because doing nothing is the easy option. The reality is that safety is about “How can we do it?' not “No we can't do it”.

As a consultant on the Occupational Safety and Health Consultant’s Register, John Sursham has to follow their code of conduct which includes providing sensible and proportionate advice in helping clients understand what safety law actually requires and what their duties are.